Pro Chaps Half Chaps

For the past two months I have had the pleasure of trying out a pair of the newly re-designed ProChaps Half Chaps. The highest compliment that I can give them is that the first time I rode in them, I forgot that I even had them on.

The chaps are made from a buttery soft smooth leather, which is backed with a lightweight, breathable lining. The outside back quarter panel is molded to the shape of your calf and made of a stretchy, breathable neoprene to ensure a perfect fit.

The design details are evident throughout the product – the zipper starts at the top, and pulls downwards to the bottom, eliminating that annoying "zipper creep" that other half-chaps suffers from, when the zipper works its way down as you ride. The end of the zipper also tucks away neatly under its flaps.

The other neat feature is the construction of the strap that fits under the boot. The elastic has an "anti-ammonia galvanized coating." This nifty feature not only protects the materials from horse muck, it also protects the strap from wear and tear from the boot sole. Since we're still frozen in here as I write this, I haven't been able to give the half chaps a slog through the muck, but my ProChaps Full Chaps have the same feature, and have held up perfectly after more than a year of hard use and occasional hosings.

The inside top and bottom of the half chap even feature a half-inch "stay put" grippy trim, which helps the chap cling to your leg as you ride.

The one criticism that I have of the product is this – being a hunter/jumper rider, my toes tend to turn out a bit when I ride, which means the back of my calf comes in contact with the horse. Because the leather and the stretchy piece join near the back of my calf, part of the cloth piece tends to get rubbed on the horse and it can't be wiped off – so daily grime can't be completely wiped away, you have to wait until the chap is washed. The seam itself is a durable, high-quality flat-stitched seam.

We were also impressed with the wide range of size options available. I tend to have problems fitting anything to my lower leg, which is tall for the size of my foot and has large calves besides. But ProChaps offers enough sizing options that the fit is practically semi-custom. As with all ProChaps products, the half chaps are designed, tested, and manufactured in-house, right here in Canada. With this kind of demonstrated commitment to quality, you can be sure the company is going to follow up on any questions or concerns its customers may have.

ProChaps Half Chaps are available in black and brown colors. You can order them online at, or contact ProChaps for a list of dealers.


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