Paddock Patch

Our Product of the Year!

We cannot say enough great things about this product. Easy to use, well made and durable!

We purchased three Paddock Patches to test on an open gate area to see how well they work. They are well made, with great construction, durable material and excellent hardware.

We found it failry easy to hook up the Paddock Patch around the posts and found it could be done by one person. The posts we used were 5 to 6 inch diameter posts, so it did take some finesse to stretch the material around the large post circumference. Hooking them up around 3 to 4 inch posts was extremely easy.

The gate opening we tested this product on was 8 feet wide. We found the Paddock Patch just reached this width. While I'm sure the Paddock Patch could have been stretched a little bit further, it definitely is not designed for a 10 foot or wider opening. It should be noted that the Paddock Patch website does state it stretches from 6 to 8 feet.

The Paddock Patch was used to enclosed an open gate area for four months. The material did not fade in the sun, stitching stayed intact and the hardware did not rust.

We did find that some of our horses figured out they could stretch the Paddock Patch and get at the grass on the other side, so this product should be used as a temporary fix until the broken fence board can be replaced.

Overall, a great and ingenius product that allows a quick fix until you have time to replace your broken board.


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