Easy-Hitch was featured on the third season of Dragon's Den. We happened to be watching the show and were intrigued by the idea, so decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed.

Easy-Hitch comes as a pair of magnetic, telescopic poles with bright red tops. Extending the poles and twisting the red tops activates the flashing, red lights. One pole goes on the vehicle's ball hitch while the other goes on top of the trailer's hitch cap. As you back the vehicle, aim so the flashers come together. When the ball goes under the hitch-cap, the pole falls over and your trailer will be lined up to drop on the hitch.

Easy-Hitch comes with batteries and retracts nicely to fit in the glove box. The batteries are easily removed and stick to the magnetic poles for easy locating when needed in the future.

We really love this product. The magnets on the bottom of the poles are incredibly strong, making the poles stay in place even when on a slope or slant. At night, the red, flashing lights are bright enough to see without any additional light. Easy-Hitch makes it a quick and painless process to back up and line up your trailer hitch directly over the vehicle hitch. It eliminates the need to jump in and out of the vehicle to see if you are close and is a great time saver, especially if you are tired at the end of a horse show weekend!

Easy-Hitch is available at most RV trailer stores and surplus auto and equipment supply stores such as Princess Auto.

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