Canadian Welsh Excel at Warmblood Inspections

In August, both the Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society and the International Sport Horse/Oldenburg Registry NA made their way to Alberta to inspect stallions, mares and foals. Both pony inspections were held at Daventry Equestrian in Darwell, Alberta, and a total of 10 Welsh Ponies, Cobs and Half Welsh were inspected.

The Oldenburg Horse Breeders Society (OHBS-GOV) is the North American division of the Oldenburg Verband in Germany and also represents the Weser-Ems Pony Verband, which is the Mare & Studbooks for the German Riding Pony division within the Oldenburg Verband. Mares receive six different scores out of 10 for conformation and movement, and stallions receive additional scores for their canter and free jumping. In order for stallions to receive their Lifetime Approval, they must either attend the 70-Day Stallion Test, optional 30-Day Short Test or Sport Stallion Test in dressage, eventing or show jumping. The head inspector was Mareile Oellrich, Overesh from Germany, who is the Breeding Director of the Weser-Ems Verband.

The ISR/Oldenburg Registry NA has similar requirements for mares and stallion approvals, except that individual scores are broken down into 11 different categories, all scored out of 10, with additional dressage and jumping index scores for the stallions. This year, the head inspector was Dr. Christian Schacht DVM, who is the Breeding Director for the ISR/Oldenburg, as well as a well-known equine educator, rider, judge, clinician, breeder, trainer and authoer who currently resides in Germany and regularly gives clinics around the world on conformation and riding.

Each August, the major Warmblood registries embark on a North American Tour, which finds them travelling to inspection sites across North America until the end of Septemember. During that time, mares, foals and stallions are evaluated and added to the various Mare Books and Studbooks. For the ISR/Oldenburg Registry, if a mare receives an individual score of 5/10 or lower, or an overall score of less than 94 points, she is not eligible for the Main Mare Book. We are happy to report that all of the mares presented at our inspections were entered into the Main Mare Book, with the lowest score being 101 points. Mares scoring 105 points or better are entered into the Premium Mare Book.

The Section D Welsh Cob stallion Goldhills Brandysnap (*Okeden Taffy x *Okeden Britannia by *Llanarth True Briton) was inspected and fully Lifetime Approved with both the Oldenburg Verband (Weser-Ems Pony Division) and the ISR/Oldenburg (Sport Pony Division). Brandysnap received high marks and incredible scores of 8s for his head, neck, trot, athletic ability and balance, jumping capability, and jumping apptitude and balance. He received the highest conformation score ever given to an ISR/Oldenburg pony stallion and is among the Top 20 highest conformation scores given out to the 200+ warmblood stallions in the registry. Due to his incredible final score of 226.5 points, Brandysnap received his first star in the ISR/Oldenburg Star Awards Program (a minimum of 222 points is needed in order for a stallion to earn his first star). Brandysnap was recently purchased by Daventry Equestrian and will now be permanently standing in Canada.

The three-year-old Section B Welsh Pony stallion Daventry's Power Play (Alvesta Picasso x Pajon's Royal Flirt by *Rosedale Royal Flare) received wonderful scores from the ISR/Oldenburg Registry and is the first Canadian-bred Welsh stallion to be approved by the ISR/Oldenburg Registry. Power Play is bred and owned by Daventry Equestrian.

Section B Welsh Pony mare Goldhills As You Like It (Gayfields Call The Cops x Goldhills As You Wish by Talybont Quicksilver) was Site and Mare Champion during the Oldenburg Verband inspection (narrowly missed Premium Mare Status) and tied for Reserve Mare Champion at the ISR/Oldenburg inspection and received Premium Mare Status and a total of 105 points with the ISR/Oldenburg Registry. The Half Welsh mare Sporting Life (Penrhyn Sporting Chance x Light Of My Life xx) was also entered into the Oldenburg Verband/Weser-Ems Pony Main Mare Book and received her Premium Mare Status with the ISR/Oldenburg Registry with a total of 105 points. Both mares are owned by Daventry Equestrian.

Two Section D Welsh Cob mares were also presented and approved with both registries. The first, Idylwind Seren (*Trevallion Royal Consort x *Lidgett Black Bess by *Derwen Rosina's Last) is owned by Pam Johnson in Kansas and leased by Daventry Equestrian, and the second being Goldhills Toffee (*Okeden Taffy x Toandos Titwillow by *Sydenham Diplomat) owned by DreamTime Welsh in Sherwood Park, Alberta. Both mares received high scores of 102 points and entered into the Main Mare Books.

The ISR/Oldenburg Mare Champion title went to Cajonat's Encore (Alvesta Picasso x Ajawaan (Hanoverian) by Arkansas). Encore is bred and owned by Cajonat Farm and received an incredible total ISR/Oldenburg score of 109 points and Premium Mare Status. We are eagerly waiting to hear if Encore will end up being the highest scoring mare in 2013 on the North American Tour. In 2012, Encore was one of the Top Five highest scoring mares with the RPSI on their North American Tour. Encore's twin sister, Cajonat's Rhiannon, was also inspected with the ISR/Oldenburg Registry and entered into the Main Mare Book, with a score slightly lower than that of her sister.

The 19-year-old Half Welsh mare Rosecroft Smart Cookie (Farnley Belshazzar x Long Separation xx) missed the ISR/Oldenburg Premium Mare Status by just two points and was easily entered into the Main Mare Book with both registries. Smart Cookie is owned by Daventry Equestrian.

Just one foal was presented, Daventry's Nightlife (Alvesta Picasso x Sporting Life). She received Premium Foal Status with the Oldenburg Verband/Weser-Ems Pony Registry. Foals must score a minimum of 80% in order to receive Premium Status. Nightlife was bred by Daventry Equestrian and will be heading down to Pennsylvania in the fall to start her Hunter Breeding line career with her new owners.

Daventry Equestrian would like to give a huge thank-you to the Lobo family and Cajonat Farm and the Cooper family and DreamTime Welsh for all of their hard work and hospitality in helping make the Alberta Oldenburg Verband and ISR/Oldenburg Registry inspections a success. We could not have done it without you!

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