2009 Battle of the Breeds - Friday

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McLeod Creek Tinkerbell and John Milligan

Friday's Battle of the Breeds opened with Precision Driving. Somewhat like a cones competition, drivers must navigate through a course of obstacles, gaining points for each one that is successfully completed. Winning the driving with a combined 169 points and a time of 249.66 seconds was Team Morgan - Cec Watson and JMF Beam Walker, and Debra Clary and TLR Night Image. Team Shetland Pony (John Milligan and McLeod Creek Tinkerbell, Leah Milligan and Hangin Saws Spice) came in fourth with 130 points. Team Connemara (Philip Knox and KF Felicity, Melanie White and Bien Mallin Rory's O'Sullivan) scooped six place with 113 points.

Consistency in placing is important in the Battle, and heading into the Barrel Racing Team Connemara was sitting two points behind the leader, Team Morgan. The barrels in Battle of the Breeds are done in a four-barrel pattern. Unfortunately the pressure was on, and despite the lucky 4-leaf clover painted on Celtic Fyre's hindquarters, rider Ailsa Antilla clipped a barrel, adding 5 seconds to her score. Team Connemara finished 10th in the barrels, one slot ahead of Team Shetland Pony.

With a Team Quarter Horse win in Barrel Racing, Team Connemara drops to 3rd overall.

Precision Driving
Team Morgan - 169 points, 249.66 sec
Team American Saddlebred - 154 points, 258.10 sec
Team Paint - 145 points, 258.75 sec
Team Shetland Pony - 130 points, 271.60 sec
Team Canadian Horse - 119 points, 248.63 sec
Team Connemara - 113 points, 261.11 sec

Barrel Racing (combined time)
Team Quarter Horse - 93.86
Team Appaloosa - 97.44
Team American Saddlebred - 99.89
Team Arabian - 101.91
Team Canadian Pinto - 112.21
Team Paint - 157.18

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