Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Webster , NY – The Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry (NFHR) announces a national event scheduled for October 12 – 15, 2006 in Winona, Minnesota at the Minnesota Equestrian Center. The event marks the 25th anniversary of the NFHR and showcases the Fjord horse's versatility.

The four day celebration features an NFHR Evaluation, Horse Show, Stallion Row and Presentation, "An Evening of Dancing with Fjord Horses" performance, seminars, and demonstrations. Norwegian Fjord Horse association representatives from Norway, Holland, Denmark, England, France, Belgium, Scotland, Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, and Germany have been invited to attend.

Curtis Pierce, of Mathias, West Virginia, is Event Manager. "Norwegian Fjord Horse enthusiasts from the United States and Canada are expected to participate or attend," reports Mr. Pierce. "We hope that horse lovers in general are attracted to our celebration to see and learn more about this wonderful breed."

Minnesota was selected as the national site because Minnesota and Wisconsin are the two top states in registered Fjord horses. In the United States and Canada, there are almost 5,000 Norwegian Fjord Horses registered with the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry. The Registry has approximately 1,000 members.

The event features one of three scheduled NFHR Evaluations to be held in 2006 on Thursday & Friday, Oct. 12th & 13th. The American evaluation system has been developed as an educational tool for the North American Fjord horse owner, to promote the thoughtful breeding of quality horses, and to the educate the public about the versatility of the breed. This voluntary program is a carefully controlled system that scores the Fjord horse against the NFHR Breed Standard modeled after Norway 's standard. During the evaluations the Fjord Horses are measured in Conformation and Movement. Some Fjords also perform introductory and advance tests in Riding (English and Western), Driving, and Draft.

A three-day horse show, Oct. 13th -15th, is part of the event with Halter, English, Western, Driving, Draft, and Gymkhana classes offered. One of the highlights of the event is an "Evening of Dancing with Fjord Horses" performance", on Saturday, October 15 th, featuring well known Fjord performances by the Starfire Farm Quadrille which has become a favorite act of the Denver Stock Show Mane Event held each January. Dorothy Donell, "Soprano On A Dancing Horse" performs her west coast act with a Fjord Horse. There is a special presentation of a traditional Norwegian wedding parade. Other features are an all-stallion driving quadrille, a Roman Riding and Tandem act, a six-horse stagecoach hitch, a packing exhibition, and much more.

Over 30 Fjord stallions are to be featured in Stallion Row, with a special evening presentation on Thursday, Oct. 13 th. The presentation is a showcase for each stallion and displays the versatility of the Fjord Horse. In addition, there are several special presentations planned. Seminars and demonstrations are on-going throughout the celebration to provide information and education to Fjord horse owners and those considering owning a Fjord Horse.

The entire four day event is open to visitors. "It will be a full four days," says Mr. Pierce," all the more remarkable in that 99.9% of the work is being done by volunteers who love this breed and want to see it celebrated in style."

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