CCPS Holds First Inspection

Connemara Rills Romany Lace with, left to right, inspectors Heather Sherratt and Chris Knox,
owner Elsie Priddy, scribe Doris Jacobi, inspector Margot Watson.

The newly formed Canadian Connemara Pony Society held its first AGM on September 30, 2006 at Devon, Alberta and the following day we had our first inspections.

Connemaras have been registered with the American Connemara Pony Society and we have been attending ACPS inspections. A high proportion of Canadian Connemaras have been inspected under the ACPS program and Canadians have been great supporters of inspections. So it was natural that we should want to continue with inspections as soon as we formed our own society. Inspection programs are run in accordance with our Irish mother society and in the past, Irish inspectors have accompanied the American inspection teams. In Canada, we have two inspectors who have been approved under this system and several inspector candidates who are in training to join our team.

On October 1, we held the first inspections organized by our society, although we have had many inspections in Canada already under the ACPS. We invited Chris Knox, president of the ACPS and an experienced inspector and horsewoman, to be the third member of our team. The inspection was held at Jocelyn Davies’ Devon Ridge Farm where 11 ponies from as far away as Saskatchewan were gathered. This included one stallion and 10 mares ranging in age from the minimum two years to mature broodmares and performance ponies. Two of the mares had already passed inspection and were being represented for premium status.

To achieve premium status, a mare has to receive marks in the good or excellent category in all parts of the inspection: Connemara type, conformation, temperament and movement. This is a relatively new program so that mares that have already passed inspection can be re-inspected for premium status. At our inspection Devon Ridge Rhiannon received premium status, the second mare in Canada to achieve this.

The stallion, Century Hill's Aedan Zodiac, passed well, as did all but one of the mares. We suggested she be represented when she had matured a little more. The minimum age for inspection is two years, with three or older being the suggested age for stallions. Sometimes, we find that ponies need another year or two to develop but because of the distances needed to travel to inspections and the fact that we cannot inspect in every regions every year, some ponies are still immature when presented.

When ponies pass inspection they are moved into the International Section of the Canadian Stud Book as they are then accepted internationally and can be entered in the stud books of any Connemara society if exported.

The successful ponies were:
Century Hills Aedan Zodiac S 710 XL1
Devon Ridge Rhiannon *M 2074 XL
Rills Royal Celebration M 2127 XL1
Rills Silver Nutmeg TFC 4586 XL1
Devon Golden Treasure CLRC 14
Rills Romany Lace M 2046 XL
Wildwych Whiskey Bay TFC 4538
Devon Ridge Rapunzel TFC 4247
H.K's Kestrel Fair TFC 4213
Avenns Eirinn Bay M 1835 XXXV11

* Premium

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